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Solar Strategies LLC is a strategy consulting practice devoted to helping solar companies achieve market leading, differentiated, and profitable positions for their products and services. My direct telephone number is +1 (206) 905-9471

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About Warren

My goal is to deliver the insights, counsel and results necessary to create the solar industry's most profitable and valuable companies.

I accomplish this by initiating game-changing, disruptive strategies to drive growth and build sustainable, mainstream markets -- strategies that eliminate the need for government subsidies and make the biggest possible impact.

In 10+ years of working in the solar/EERE sector -- often using these disruptive techniques -- I have helped a wide range of companies establish brand presence, grow revenues, and accelerate market adoption of emerging products or technologies.

Notable contributions / solar market experience include:

Partnered with "Time Magazine" Environmental Hero Steven Strong to increase the visibility of the solar/PV industry

Selected as special advisor to Sacramento Municipal Utility District to build a path to a sustainable future for SMUD's Solar PV Program

Guided development and introduction of an advanced energy efficiency certification program with funding provided by Bonneville Power

Authored articles as a "renewable energy insider" for Renewable Energy World, where I teach solar suppliers how to thrive without relying on government subsidies

Pioneered development of "Crossing the Chasm," a marketing model now used by thousands of organizations to accelerate the adoption of new and emerging technologies

In addition, I am a proponent of using the principles of discontinuous market transformation, marrying the principles of disruptive innovation with the technology adoption lifecycle. I blog about how to apply disruptive strategies in the solar industry and techniques for commercializing new products whose performance is not as well developed as established products at